Common Brothers : Quayside : Newcastle upon Tyne : U.K.

In The early 1960’s I joined Common Brothers as third mate. I was sent to join a dedicated bulk ore carrier, M.V. Daghestan. My cousin, Rowell Gray was the Purser / Chief Steward on the ship.  It was one of the happiest ships that I have served on in my seagoing career. The accommodation was absolutely luxurious and all officers were allowed to take their wives or bonafide girl friends with them for a trip. All officer cabins were furnished with two large double beds. Daghestan had a British crew and Afghanistan had a Chinese crew which meant that one had 24 hour room service for food and drinks etc. The three ships were chartered to B.I.S.Co : British Iron and Steel Company. The first three months when I was third mate we traded between Seven Islands and the U.K. Ports. When I was promoted to second mate the ship traded to Santana de Matapi, up the Amazon and Pepple in West Africa. Iron Crown was a third such vessel.



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