Cormac O’Connor Radio Officer 90th.

Cormac O’Connor
NSW 2259

Received 13th March 2018 from Bernadette, Cormac’s wife.

Cormac is in a home since before Christmas . I could no longer manage . He’s got very thin and usually perks up with visitors.  We are having sort of high tea for his birthday in the home It has a nice dining area We would be delighted to see u and Jan It will be around 3 pm. No presents just u
Is there anyone else from the ships I could invite.? I live I a village nearby
Looking forward to seeing you both Bernadette

His birthday is 30th march but the DO is on the Sat 31. He has good and bad days . I print out messages for him and take them to him. I will ask them but Cormac may not recognise them. He usually perks up with  company. I asked u as I know would know some of the people coming. My best to Jan.
Old is not good



Note from Jimmy Pyle,
Jan and I will not be able to attend due to mobility problems Jan with Her hip and I have been diagnosed today with Osteomylitus in the second toe of the left foot. I am told it will take three months of antibiotics to fix. The bones in the P.I.P joint and the phalanges are infected. I had a bone scan this morning to determine the extent of the infection.

It would be appreciated if we as individuals could send Cormac a birthday card for the occasion, even better if anyone could attend.


Regards Jim

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