Re Jim Fitzgerald Purser

JIM FITZGERALD     Born February, 1933, died on the Gold Coast, 28 April 2017.     Originally from Sydney, the garden suburbs, Lilyfield,  Jim was at  sea for three and half years back in the early fifties, mostly in New Zealand flagged ships but also in “Wanaka”.   He resigned from the Union Co. while serving in “Tofua” (I can’t believe it.).  After a variety of jobs, in 1970 he commenced work with the new Orient Shipping Services who had been appoint General agents for Australia for Overseas  Container Lines (OOCL).    Jim rose to become the General Manager of OSS which grew rapidly taking on the agencies of the government lines of Malaysia, New Zealand and Indonesia and involved the meat trade to the United States where Jim became the coordinator between U.S. importers and Australian exporters.     Jim also coordinated the Pursers’ reunions on the Australian side between 1980 and 2004.   Bob Dickinson and Rob Lipman attended his wake held on the Gold Coast last May.

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