Arthur Rouse

An E-mail from Dave Barrow is copied below:-

Good morning one and all from the hill.

Have only just gone back on line and received this from Arthur’s daughter.

I always sent stories to him and his daughter Patty.

I never knew until now that the black dog had caught up with him, he was Chief when Scott was born and I will always remember his kindness at that time.


—–Original Message—– From: Patty and Jim
Sent: Sunday, October 1, 2017 12:33 PM
To: David Barrow
Subject: Arthur Rouse

Dear Dave

This is Patty Burgess, Arthur Rouse’s daughter writing to you.  I just
want to let you know that I am closing Dad’s email account as he is not
longer living at home.  He has had to move into permanent care at  an
aged Care facility as his mobility and falls risk was becoming too
great.  His dementia is also advancing so this was the safest option for
him.  He still talks with fondness of memories of his many years with
USSCo and the life long friendships made there.

Thank you for keeping in touch over the years following retirement.  I
know he really enjoyed your stories “from the hill”.


Patty Burgess

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