Oceana Shipping Forum

No longer operating and did I get a surprise, however all is not lost.


We regret to advise you that the Oceania Shipping Forum is no longer online.

We would like to thank all the people who contributed during the time the forum was up and running.

Some of the OSF Moderators and members have joined the SeaTheShips forum and we hope to meet you again there – please see below.

New forums have been added to SeaTheShips to cater for Southern Hemisphere shipping as below and you will be made very welcome:

  • Southern Cross Forums – Australia (with sub-forums for the Australian shipping companies)
  • Southern Cross Forums – New Zealand (with sub-forums for the New Zealand shipping companies)
  • Southern Cross Forums – Pacific Islands (with sub-forums for the Pacific Islands shipping companies)


SeaTheShips is a free-to-use site dedicated to all things nautical and run on a non-commercial basis by professionals and enthusiasts. Membership is free and, after joining, you will have access to many forums and a large photographic gallery.

Click the SeaTheShips Logo in this box for further information.

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