New Seaway Vessels Pt.2

Sister ship ‘Seaway king’ was launched at Whyalla on Thursday 16th January 1964 and christened by Mrs. A.T. Waugh, wife of the company’s General Manager.

By March 1964 the engines for ‘Seaway Queen’ and ‘seaway King’ had been installed supervised by impending chief engineers Mr. T.F.Reiman (Seaway Queen) and Mr.W..Quirk (Seaway King).

Scan 4.jpegCaptain J.C. Young was appointed to command Seaway Queen and sea trials took place in the Spencer Gulf .

Seaway Queen was completed and handed over on the 29th of May 1964. There was some delay in obtaining a full crew. The ship loaded 200 tons of ‘Pig Iron’ as ballast in Whyalla before proceeding on the delivery voyage to Melbourne where she was dry docked and given a fresh coat of paint.

Seaway Queen loaded cargo in Melbourne for Hobart on the maiden voyage on Friday 12th of June 1964, Captain J.C. Young in Command.

Captain F.C.Peele relieved Captain J.C.Young as master of Seaway Queen on the second voyage. On completion of Seaway King, Captain J.C. Young made the delivery Voyage to Sydney.

A weekly service was established between Melbourne – Hobart – Melbourne, serviced by Seaway Queen. Seaway King serviced Sydney – Hobart –  Sydney,. on a weekly basis.

The runs ultimately changed with both ships each servicing all three ports in a Sydney – Hobart- Melbourne – Hobart – Melbourne – Hobart – Sydney pattern on a fortnightly basis.

Seaway Queen departing Hobart Princes Wharf : Photo Ships Nostalgia.swqnhbt.jpeg

N.B. in the latter years of service Seaway King’s main Top Mast was panted black due to constant fouling by smoke from the funnel.

To be continued.

3 thoughts on “New Seaway Vessels Pt.2

  1. My father was on the Seaway Queen and in 1974 he got a shore job and every time the Seaway came to Melbourne, he and ( I a 12 year old) would visit and he’d gas bag to his old mate Charlie Davidson while I’d roam around the ship eating the crew out of biscuits and coffee.
    What still sticks in my mind was watching the ship reversing up the Yarra from the swinging basin to her # 1 North Wharf dock with the stern door open. Until soon after the Straitsman sank in the river then all the RORO’s waited till docking to open up the rear.
    Here’s a linc with film of the old girl unloading in Hobart. In another video by the same channel is a film with her steaming up the derwent.


    1. Patrick, Thank you for your very interesting input. At that time I was mate on the Seaways, swinging between the Seaway King and Seaway Queen. Charlie Davidson was a very skilled seaman and a legend in the art of decorative rope work. Some of his fellow seamen were Denis Britten, Harry Mork, Andy Hope,Tosh Howes,Taffy Shepherd, Norm Jetton (Chief Steward).
      I thank you for pointing me in the right direction to the Archival footage of events in Hobart and will look into using it if I can do so without infringing anyones copy right.
      I was on the delivery voyage of Seaway Queen from Sydney to Singapore where she was handed over to True Cape Shipping.
      Regards Jim


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